BIG SEAN makes career and business moves

Big Sean releases four new tracks and became the newest member of Roc Nation. The rapper celebrates his new partnership with Jay-Z and dropped the four singles “4th Quarter,” “I Don’t F**k With You,” ” Jit/Juke,” and “Paradise.

On September 13, he just launched his first Adidas Originals collection “Metro Attitude”. The Metro Hi is a flashy and flowery sneaker, inspired by Big Sean´s recording sessions with G.O.O.D. Music in Hawaii, accentuated with a golden logo plate. The inner sole quotes a verse from Big Sean´s song “First Chain”: “Dreams stopped being dreams when they turned into goals.” The shoe is delivered in a Hawaiian fern themed bog and includes a colorful, floral dust bag. We cannot wait until Adidas Originals releases the next items of the Metro Attitude Collection!


Nicki Minaj shocks with visuals to Anaconda

There has been a lot of controversy lately about the cover of Nicki´s new song called “Anaconda”. The cover shows the female rapper from the back in a very provocative pose wearing only a string, bra and shoes. Chuck Creekmur, founder of the famous website fired up a discussion by releasing an open letter which states that the cover is embarrassing and he is worried about the influence of such exposure on his daughter and other teenagers.

In the meantime, Nicki seems to enjoy the attention and releases the visuals to Anaconda. The video shows herself twerking, rubbing whipped cream over her cleavage and lap dancing for Drake.

With all the controversy, is wondering if anyone noticed that the song uses Sir Mix-A-Lots “Baby Got Back”, one of the most successful Miami-Bass-Songs in history and we cannot wait to hear it in the club!


Rita Ora X Adidas Originals

It is no secret that Rita Ora has an eye for fashion. The singer takes her career to the next level and now officially announced that she will co-design 5 collections for Adidas Originals – following the singer online, this collaboration does not come as a surprise. Rita is sporting Adidas quite a lot and pictures a few pieces of her collection have already leaked. Rita does not have any experience in design and therefore she worked out her ideas with the Adidas team, saying “It makes you think about things you simply did not know as a customer: different fabrics, how they match and compliment your body and especially the pricing of the items.” Rita, you did a fantastic job and we cannot wait until these edgy, modern and colorful items are available!


Iggy Azalea addresses Nicki Minaj´s controversial BET speech

Nicki Minaj has come out saying that she did not attend to slight Iggy Azalea with her much talked about speech at the BET Awards this weekend, Iggy is now addressing the issue publicly as well.

Many people suspected when the Young Money rapper spit her “when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it” line after picking up the trophy for Best Female Hip Hop Artist, she was subtly directed those words at fellow nominee Iggy Azalea.

Minaj later tweeted out a message denying she was throwing shots at the “Fancy” performer and claimed the media put words in her mouth. Minaj goes even beyond that saying that all women nominated can be proud and Iggy is happy to be a part of a public debate about female rap, keeping the spotlight on both of them.


Rihanna stuns on the cover of Harper´s Bazaar

Rihanna, who is known for her quite revealing style, recently surprised her fans by covering up for the summer issue of the high-end fashion magazine Harper´s Bazaar. The pictures, titled “Rihanna of Arabia”, show Rihanna in an arabic look proving that covering up has more class. The singer can easily adjust to fashion from Europe to the Middle East and it is her versatility which keeps her interesting and the world is looking for more!


#CHICKSINKICKS Campaign feat. Rita Ora, Tahiry, Jen Selter

SneakerMob gained popularity with their latest campaign “Chicks in Kicks”. This week in #ChicksInKicks features a celebrity line up including female sneakerheads such as Jen Selter, Rita Ora, Tahiry and Teyana Taylor.

Jen Selter, who has become a chicks in kicks staple, continued to endorse the Nike Roshe Run. Tahiry laced up a classic Air Max 95 and Rita Ora, who is signed with Adidas, showed her stripes in an interview. Teyana Taylor again showed off some of her Jordans with the Black/White Jordan11 Low, and ‘Baron’ Jordan 9.

To get featured in the campaign, use the tags #SneakerMob and #ChicksInKicks on Instagram.



T.I. rescues victim of a car accident

T.I. helped a woman involved in a car accident. According to the publication, T.I. says he was driving to a Popeye’s establishment in Inglewood, California Wednesday (April 30). He says he witnessed a car accident involving a taxi cab slamming into an SUV.

When T.I. went to help the driver of the SUV, she responded with, “Is that T.I.?” T.I. reportedly stayed with the driver until the ambulance came. He says he went to a different Popeye’s following the incident because “that one had too much going on.”
The woman in the car reportedly told T.I. that she was not wearing underwear. She says he replied with the following: “Don’t worry. We won’t look.” The driver of the SUV has not seriously been hurt in the accident.


SHAUN ROSS takes over international runways

Apparently, a new era started within the fashion industry with an increasing acceptance of “imperfect” models. Shaun D. Ross, an afro-american albino, who suffered throughout his childhood and only later on started to embrace his different look, has conquered runways around the globe. Bullied in his youth, discovered on youtube and crossed over to the fashion industry, Sean is now living his dream! He has already modeled for Alexander Mc Queen, Givenchy and Vogue, just to name a few.


His recently founded campaign “In My Skin I Win” supports albinos and people suffering from Vitiligo, not only embracing their true beauty but also opening doors for imperfection within the fashion industry. Ross appears in various music videos with superstars Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Lana Del Ray and more. He also vogues and is building up his career as an actor. Watch out for more projects to come.